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:: Our Team ::




Sonia Kalcic - Owner, Certified Master Dog Trainer & Behaviour Specialist


As far as memories can take me, I have always been passionate about all living beings. As a child, I would spend hours at the library, reading countless books on animals and nature. We always had multiple pets at home (dogs, reptiles and my mother runs a cat rescue), and maybe this is what sparked my interest into becoming a veterinarian. Unfortunately, the perspective of euthanasia made it really hard for me to pursue that career and I instead decided to focus my energy on helping pets in need, by volunteering in shelters, rescuing animals and participating in various local projects. 

Eight years ago, as I lived in the Southern United States, I stumbled upon a lost puppy who was roaming through our building's parking lot. I remember spending the day with him, trying to find his owners... After hours of waiting, looking around and finally finding the people whom he belonged to, I was informed that they no longer wished to keep him. I don't remember spending much time thinking about what needed to be done, and I adopted him right there and then! Spike has been with us ever since, and he is the very first dog I ever owned for myself. Everyday, he reminds me of how everyone has a chance to happiness in life and for that, I am ever so thankful to have found him.

Fast forward a few years... We decided to rescue another puppy, Shiva. This one has been different from day one! Her personality is unique and her intelligence immeasurable, and truly, she is what made me want to learn more about dog training. The challenges that being a dog owner present pushed me to realize that there indeed was a career fit for someone who loved animals and nature, and who would have rather spent their day outside than sitting in an office. Shiva clearly made me realize that I could turn my passion into something tangible and unquestionably, she is the reason why I decided to become a professional dog trainer. Through her, I have learned so much and she not only is my coworker, but also my best friend... Working with her makes everyday unforgettable!

As of this year, I have finally become a certified Master Dog Trainer through Dave McMahon's Dog Academy, in Niagara Falls. I am certified in first command response obedience training, behaviour modification, personal protection, scent detection, canine crisis management and pet first aid. I have been helping people and dogs achieve their goals for four years now, and even though the journey as an apprentice trainer was challenging, and certainly hard at times, I have enjoyed every second of it! I hope to be able to help you and your beloved companion, whether it is for dog walking, obedience training, boarding or problem solving...


My passion is endless and remember: I am doing it all for the dogs!






Spike & Shiva - Our Beloved Companions and Devoted Coworkers


Spike is our boy! Eight year old Chihuahua cross, he loves to play fetch and hunt in the woods. He is trained in basic obedience and is now working towards achieving his intermediate level. We might refer to him as "old man", but he is far from retirement! Despite his smaller size, he has a lot of attitude and energy, and on top of it, he absolutely loves people. You could even say that cuddling is one of his favourite pastimes! He not only is a rescue dog, but also a reformed dog, and he now lives a well adjusted and balanced life. You know what they say...? Best things come in small packages!

Shiva might looks tough, but she's all love and kisses! Five year old Boxer cross, she enjoys hunting, relaxing and playing scent games. Because she is now fully obedience trained at an advanced leve,l and that she excels in off-leash work, she is Sonia's primary coworker. She also does pet therapy with the elderly, dog bite prevention with children and narcotics detection, all in her spare time. Shiva is a very sensitive, intuitive and intellectual dog, which definitely made her a challenging partner, but a fun and interesting dog to train. She is posh and very lady-like, and we like to think that as a human, she'd be married to a rich Englishman, and her afternoons would be filled with bookreading, tea and crumpets... Getting to know her is a delight!


We cannot wait to meet your canine companions too!






Christopher Muscat - Assistant Trainer & Operations Manager