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Welcome to Canine Citizen!


I am extremely proud to officially launch the website for my life project and career, Canine Citizen!

While becoming a professional dog trainer is a challenge in itself, learning is a perpetual journey in motion and we will continuously acquire new knowledge and skills through experiences. The quest might just never be over, but it is with happiness and a honnest heart that I am now able to push my business further, by reaching more people and helping them with their dogs in achieving their goals. I hope to meet many dog owners in person, but I also wish to connect with as many canine enthusiasts as possible via my blog, in which I will share a lot of valuable information regarding anything and everything about dogs!

Should you want to register for classes, or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me and my companions!


Our job is our passion, and we really do it all for the dogs!

– Sonia, Chris, Spike and Shiva 

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About the Trainer

Located in quiet South Oshawa, Sonia Kalcic is the owner, master dog trainer and behaviour specialist for Canine Citizen. Graduate of Dave McMahon's Dog Training Academy in Niagara Falls, she is certified in first command response obedience training, behaviour modification, personal protection, scent detection, canine crisis management, pet first aid... and she loves dogs too! ❤